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Spend 20 minutes  SHIFTING YOUR LIFE whilst sipping your cappuccino for 30 days …

By the end of 30 days you will have reconnected to yourself through a short, 20 minute, daily challenge & have found your sense of self worth & pride again. Easy-to-follow tasks that will shift your life!

I had a mini epiphany one day whilst walking in Greenside admiring the tall gorgeous trees all around me, feeling connected and inspired. I was wondering how I could help people get STARTED on a journey of shift and change. Whilst I was already offering you my free course titled QUICK SHIFT 1 THING, I wanted another small way to nudge you along, rather than throwing too much too soon your way, making you run for shelter at the thought of too much …..
As I was nearing home, I could feel my anticipation of putting the kettle on for my first cup of scrummy coffee and EUREKA. I was struck by the following: every day we each do something habitually and …whilst I don’t go for a walk every single day, I DO drink a fabulous cup of steaming hot, plunger coffee. Now imagine if every day I added another habit to that personal ritual – one that would enhance my life?

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You will spend a mere 20 minutes, whilst you drink YOUR beverage of choice every day – for 30 days. This easy to follow course will take you NO LONGER THAN 20 Minutes – I PROMISE!
WHAT WILL YOU GET for your bucks and time?

Bottom line –YOU: time and energy back for yourself again!
A relationship with yourself again where you prioritise yourself every day for 20 minutes to get to know yourself a little better. You CAN do that can’t you?
1. Short easy to implement tasks whilst sitting in a coffee shop, or at home or even at your desk.
2. Each week has a theme designed to improve your sense of self and to help you take charge again.
3. Week 1 -we will first look at your relationships with yourself, the MOST important.
4. Week 2 – your relationship with others.
5. Week 3 – your relationship with your environment.
6. Week 4 – be surprised and trust what I ask you to do :)
7. Connected with Kate as your coach and other brave souls on the same journey – online platform of support for members only.

By the end of one month you will have reconnected to yourself through a very small commitment daily, have found a sense of self worth and pride through easy to follow tasks that will have exponential effects in your life
And if you don’t feel like it HAS transformed your life – no questions asked, I’ll give you your money back.

INVESTMENT is less than the cost of your coffee every day!
Are you ready to create a daily ritual that will SHIFT YOUR LIFE?