Copy of Juice! 7 skills for deepening the body mind connection *INTERNATIONAL*

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You can’t drink this juice but it is intoxicating nevertheless. 

Juice! is a high definition explanation of the energy elixir called Nia, a cardiovascular fitness fusion technique created in 1983.

Whether you’re on the body mind journey as a Nia student or involved in another practice or sport…

*Please note for those outside of South Africa, this book will cost approx. $37 [inclu. shipping]

Juice! will take your practice to a deeper level.

Those who practice Nia know that getting a workout with Nia is a living blessing.  What might not be so obvious is that under its fitness facade lays an integrated life skills (EQ) practice. Juice! captures the nuances of the body mind connection translated into everyday life, deciphering good living practice by looking at how the body operates at optimum health and efficiency.

Think through the body to move the mind -  with Juice!

*This is NOT a book about how to make drinks. It is about juice –like  battery “juice” aka: ENERGY!

The author

Kathy Wolstenholme, a Nia black belt, emigrated from Boulder, Colorado  and founded Nia South Africa in 2002. She trained the first 230 Nia white belt graduates and started the first Nia studio in South Africa –in Observatory, Cape Town

Using her training as a teacher of gifted and talented students and building on her foundations in the Nia Technique over the last twenty years, Kathy has developed superior skills and experiential expertise in facilitating body mind training. Kathy has been featured in all major media publications in South Africa, multiple radio programmes as well as Top Billing, Naturally You, SABC News, The Power Within and Free Spirit television programmes.