Figuring Out Father: A spiritual guide for the New Age e-Book

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This is an autobiography of the brave and honest kind. Athelé takes you on a guided tour of some of the events, processes, and relationships that formed and expressed her obsessive drive for approval and its resultant co-dependency and self-sabotaging behaviours. She gives an open-hearted recounting of how difficult it can be to become the person you are meant to be, especially when dealing with the dynamics of close and often difficult relationships. In her case, the relationship with her father and the men in her life.

At the core of this book lies Athelé's burning hope that the reader will evolve through
understanding where she went wrong, rather than having to struggle through endless passages to arrive at the same simple, but life-changing truths. Each chapter explores a central esoteric theme and suggests practical shortcuts to self-mastery in these key arenas. From the quiet place where soul meets spirit and the ego disappears, Athelé gives you profound insight into what it means to live consciously and how to maintain that state of grace. Biography meets self-help guide, this gem is "an absolutely riveting read", packed full of pure metaphysics but delivered as a refreshing and engaging read.