GiftKit - Barrel Mini

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+ 1x S-HOOK

S-Hook accessory: Metal treated with galvanizing paint (black.) Hook over any sturdy wall / railing / overhead beam 70mm or thinner.
Waterskirt accessories: Protects and covers D.I.Y. water reservoir, water drip catcher and central maintenance chamber.
Mini Barrel Style: Single tier hanging growbag = 3 pockets + central maintenance chamber. Pockets link to central compartment, maximising available root space.
Easily accessed central maintenance compartment for plant feed and fast watering.
+ Growbags zre made from durable and chemically inert geo-fabric.
+ Machine washable (40 degC machine cycle)
+ Compact at +/- 80cm high x 40cm wide when filled with potting soil.
+ 3-7kg weight allowing for water saturated soil and fully grown plants.
*N.B. Plants not included.