Taryna Purifying Deep Cleansing Milk (100ml)

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Use Taryna Purifying Deep Cleansing Milk for oily combination and sallow skins. Dynamic clarifying properties balance sebum production and clear up acne and pimples. Taryna Purifying Deep Cleansing Milk calms reactive skin by reducing inflammation and redness, stimulating microcirculation and improving skin tone. Use Taryna Soothing Deep Cleansing Milk for gentle eye makeup removal.

Taryna’s light refreshing water-soluble cleansing lotions are a key step to maintaining a healthy youthful skin. Gentle, easy to use preparations with soothing, skin balancing properties instantly rejuvenate and firm skin. Step-up cleansing routines with unique purifying aromatherapy formulations that keep skin hygienic and replace oils and nutrients lost during normal cleansing routines.